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TCM LE-828с

TCM LE-828 is a standard liquid Epoxy resin, reacted form Bisphenol A and Epichlorohydrine, which is the most popular and widely used liquid Epoxy resin (LER) […]

Epoxy compounds form a rather broad class, but mainly products of interaction of different diols (diphenols dioksibenzolov) and polyphenol with epichlorohydrin have found application in industrial use as main binder in adhesives, paints, laquers and other materials.
Epoxy resin (EP) have a very wide range of applications in industrial systems with temperature range of -40 to +180 ° C.
Epoxy resin (EP) usually consists of “resin” and “curative.” For curing resin amine type curing agents are often used. Materials derived from the resin are characterized by low flammability, high water – and chemical resistance, high durability.
Department of Epoxides:
Alexander Protsenko